A Dream and a Rainbow

For more than a year, Helen Hummel has been dreaming of a new Rainbow Memorial, which would be placed in a corner of the Nishna Heritage Garden. She began fundraising, worked with a landscaper and commissioned a sculpture designed by Amy and Mark Mertes. The landscaper is ready and the sculpture is complete. However, Mrs. Hummel has fallen ill and cannot finish her fundraising goals.

Mrs. Hummel spent 50 years teaching and 10 years substituting in the Oakland/Riverside District. She gave so much of her time, talent and treasure to make her classroom one of high standards. This area was yet another way she could honor the virtues extolled by the Rainbow organization and inspire others to community service. We would love to have her see this dream become a reality.

We need $4,500 to complete Mrs. Hummel’s original plan for the Rainbow Memorial. If any of her students, colleagues or friends would like to contribute to a fund to make her dream come true, you may:

  • Send a check to: Rainbow Memorial c/o Oakland Historical Society, 117 N. Main Street, Oakland, IA 51560
  • Paypal donation

If we exceed our fundraising goals, any extra funds will go to a maintenance fund for the garden. Let’s make this happen!

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